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Proposal to close the Sherburn Hill site of Sherburn Primary School on 31 August 2018

Notice is given in accordance with Section 19(1) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 that Durham County Council intends to make a prescribed alteration to Sherburn Primary School (Community) Cookshold Lane, Sherburn Village, Co Durham, DH6 1 DU and Sherburn Hill, Co Durham, DH6 IPA.

It is proposed to close the Sherburn Hill site of Sherburn Primary School on 31 August 2018. This proposal reflects the work being done across County Durham to make schools sustainable in the long term to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing educational environment.

The current capacity of Sherburn Primary School across the two sites is for 315 pupils. The capacity of the school should the Sherburn Hill site close will be for 236 pupils. The proposed admission number will be 33.

When Sherburn Village and Sherburn Hill Primary Schools amalgamated in September 2015, in the region of 225 pupils were expected to be on roll in September 2017. Since then pupil numbers have reduced more than expected and the total number of pupils currently on roll is 166. This reduction in pupil numbers has put significant pressure on the school budget. Some classes on the Sherbum Hill site have pupils from more than two year groups which in the long term could impact on education outcomes for some pupils. The current model of providing education across two sites is not likely to be sustainable in the long term and it is not in the best interests of the pupils and staff at the school. The council therefore believes that this proposal will not have any negative impact on the standard of education provided to children from Sherburn Primary School.

This Notice is an extract from the full proposal. Copies of the complete proposal can be obtained from: Mr Graeme Plews, School Places and Admissions Team, Children and Young People’s Services, Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham, DHI 5UJ. It is also available on the County Council’s website at:

Within four weeks from the date of this publication any person may object or make comments on the proposal by sending them to Mr. Adam Williams, School Places and Admissions team, Children and Young People’s Services, Business Reply Service, Licence No. DU63 (FREEPOST), Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham, DHI 5BR. Objections and comments can also be emailed to:

Proposal to close the Sherburn Hill site of Sherburn Primary School on 3 1 August 2018


Margaret Whellans

Corporate Director

Children & Adults Services


Now is the time to think about ways in which you can dispose of your garden waste this year. Durham County Council provide a fortnightly garden waste collection scheme which starts at the beginning of April and running through until the end of November. A total of 17 collections. There is a charge of £30 for 1 year or £90 for 3 years.

To get more information on how to register and ways to make payment go to the Durham County Council website or click on the link Garden waste


Beautiful Durham Awards 2017 – October, 2017

Beautiful Durham 2

Beautiful Durham Award Winners 2017

Councillor Chipp represented and collected the Award for Best Large Village along with other award winners from Sherburn Village.

Best Group Horticultural Project – Sherburn Primary School (Village Site) – Winner & Sherburn Village Bowling Club – Special Commendation

Best Floral Containers – V Crago – Special Commendation

Best House Garden – Small – Frank Barrass – Special Commendation

Special Recognition for Enthusiasm & Commitment – Adam Foster – Sherburn Primary School (Village Site)


Bin Collections – 19th January, 2018

If your bin was not collected yesterday, 18th January, please leave them out as Durham County Council will arrange for collections either on Saturday or Monday.